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3 Christmas marketing campaign ideas for Estate Agents31 Oct 2021

WHAT? Christmas marketing campaign ideas for estate agents in NOVEMBER. Yes, yes, we know, but when it comes to marketing, you really don’t have the luxury of ignoring Christmas until the 24th December before running around panic-buying your presents. In fact, in the world of marketing this post is actually incredibly late, but if you haven’t thought about how you might maximize your reach online over the festive period yet, then we’re here to help.

Here are three ideas of Christmas campaigns you could run which will take a bit of effort to put together, but will be incredibly worth your while and easily adaptable to your own business.

Run a Christmas themed competition on social media

This option is great. Depending on the competition you run, you can have some incredible engagement with your local community. It could be something simple like a Christmas crossword for grown-ups to win a hamper as a little bit of fun. (Make sure you limit this to your local area in the terms and conditions, so you don’t find yourself having to send one overseas!)

Or you could do some kind of art competition for children – who can design the best Christmas tree? Make sure each entry is submitted with a name and a telephone number/ email address for a grown up so you can contact the winners. You can have the physical copies handed in to you at your office, and then scan them into an album on Facebook where voting can take place and the highest number of likes wins.

If you didn’t want to use likes, then old-fashioned judging also works, but the whole point of the likes is that your name is getting out there on social media with people liking and sharing your competition post in order to encourage their friends and family to vote.

The other beauty of something like this, is that with the physical copies in the office, you can add them to your window displays in the run up to Christmas for some lovely, crowd sourced, community Christmas cheer! We’ve had great success with this kind of competition in the past, and as well as being brilliant for local engagement, it’s also just really cute and lovely – you can’t argue with that.

Whatever competition you choose to run, make sure you check up on Facebook’s promotion guidelines. They change fairly regularly, and if you don’t follow them you can find your post being restricted by Facebook and not getting any views at all.

Put together some short videos with a theme

We’ve written recently about making use of the social media trend towards short videos, whether that’s by using TikTok or Reels on Instagram. All you need for this one is a smartphone and some willing staff.

You could for example put together a ’12 days of Christmas’ series, with each line of the song being sung by a different team member dressed up and covered in tinsel. At the end, you could clip them all together for a longer video to wish your followers a Merry Christmas.

This may seem just like a ‘bit of fun’, but it really works when it comes to showcasing the human element of your business, it’ll give you some festive content for your social channels, and Instagram will love you for making the most of Reels!

Organise an advent calendar

This is maybe the most labor intensive idea, but is a great way to link with local businesses as well as local people. This involves putting together 24 posts, in an advent calendar format. Some of them could be to win a prize (for example a voucher for two to have a Christmas-themed afternoon tea at a local cafe) others could be members of staff reading out a cracker joke – you can really use your imagination for this!

The really good thing here, is that it’ll keep people coming back to your page to see what’s up for grabs over the 24 days, as well as giving local businesses who you partner with an incentive to share your posts – make sure you’re tagging their social media pages in!

It really can be as involved as you make it here, if you’re running short on time then you could do 12 days – or even four big prizes once a week until December 25th.

So, there we have it! Some Christmas marketing campaign ideas for estate agents. If you’d like someone to plan your Christmas social media strategy in advance next time, then please get in touch with us. Christmas isn’t just for Christmas. We’re ready to step into it all year round. Simply get in touch, and we can discuss how our social media plans work.

Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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