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UK property industry TikTok accounts26 Jan 2023

You might not agree with what all of these accounts have to say, or the way they do it – but they all command a great following for doing what they do – so they’re an excellent place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.Β  We’d also love you to follow our TikTok and then we can follow you back! CLICK HERE

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New for 2023


Buy like a pro with some of NW property mum’s top tips!

UK property TikTok accounts to watch in 2023


Here to give some insight into the rental market of the best city in the best city in the world

The London Rental Guy Adam from Paramount Properties


26 Property Developer – Investor – Entrepreneur North WalesΒ 

Green Developments on TikTok


Investing & sharing everything for free

Click to buy a house in the North East

Im Vijay Singh on TikTok


mylesrampley on tiktok


Answering YOUR questions around property

Lettings In A Nutshell What a lovely home πŸ₯° #forsale #fyp #fyi #foryoupage #estateagentsuk #propertyinfluencers #property #homeinteriors #interior #homeinspo ♬ original sound – Hortons Estate Agents

New for 2022

Classic homes meet contemporary styling!

John’s tagline is Zero BS Estate Agency. He’s personable, doesn’t mince his words, swears, and gets straight to the point when answering questions from his comments. His content is largely just him talking to the camera, so it shows that you don’t have to have a high production value to give people what they’re looking for! Agents – if you want to know the kind of questions people are asking, scroll through John’s feed!

Emmy Dent is a UK-based independent mortgage advisor. She’s funny, bubbly, and direct, and again, the vast majority of her content is super helpful, with her answering people’s questions directly to camera. She also has no time for rubbish mortgage advice (wherever it comes from) and it further proves to show that taking a stand on something is a great way to show that you’re trustworthy. Again, if you want to know the sort of questions people are asking about mortgages and how to get them, a cup of coffee and a scroll through Emmy’s feed is a good place to start.

@thatmortgageadvisor Reply to @dannnnnnnnn089 how to get rid of your help to buy equity loan scheme #mortgagetips #helptobuyscheme ♬ original sound – Emmy Dent

As his TikTok name suggests, That Property Guy is a property enthusiast and investor, with lots of content on renovation projects, financing BTL purchases, maintenance tips, landlord obligations and all things property. He’s pretty open to sharing his journey as a property developer, and he has nearly 500,000 followers who want to regularly see his content in their feeds.

@thatpropertyguy 8 skills you NEED if you want to renovate houses πŸšπŸ”¨ #budgeting #renovation #homedecor #learnontiktok #realestate #property #diy #sidehustle #house ♬ Fools Gold (Remastered) – The Stone Roses

Joanne is a Geordie professional painter and decorator, sharing tutorials, tips and tricks for getting a great DIY finish. Hers is a fantastic account for people looking to renovate properties themselves, and again she’s providing fantastic value to her audience in short video format. Easy to digest, and easy to take on board.

@joannehaydecorating Save yourself time & stress πŸ™ŒπŸΌβœ… #keepitclean #howto #diy #decorating #tips #tricks #geordiedecorator #joannehaypaintinganddecorating #fyp #foryou ♬ A moist healing song – Nez Tunes

This is a bit of a sidestep, but still property related. Before starting her TikTok account, Yasmine found herself in a lot of debt, and was relying on her ex partner to continue paying towards the mortgage. She started the account to keep herself accountable, and start paying down the debt with a view to having financial freedom. She’s recently achieved her goal, and it’s a great account for those looking for tips on saving money, and making small changes that rack up to big things. Again, her account is a lot of answering questions directly to camera, as well as providing updates on her finances. She’s personable, and very open and honest about challenges she’s faced in her journey. For people looking to save deposits, her account is a great one, and is again worth looking at to see why 87.5K people want to follow her. (She’s brilliant!)

@yasminecamilla Reply to @stef_lawrence #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #debtfreelife #personalfinanceuk #mymoney #ukmoneytiktok ♬ original sound – Yasmine Camilla

And last but not least, we’ve got our very own lovely Jane Gardner! Her account is still in its infancy, but she has a mix of entertaining little snippet videos and must-know estate and letting agency nuggets. Keep your eyes peeled for our very own JP Gardner & Associates TikTok account coming soon!

@janepaulagardner LEGAL COMPLIANCE FOR PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS #estateagentsuk #lettingagentsuk #commonlawduties #compliance #doitright #LEVEL4qualified ♬ original sound – riley

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