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The content you put out IS your brand voice, so it’s really important you work with someone who’s going to get it right. That’s why we offer a completely free, no pressure, 1 hour introductory call with Jane, so you can get to know us, how we work, and check we’re the perfect fit for you and your business.




Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about estate agency content

#1 What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online media like blogs, videos, social media posts, and downloadable guides, which aren’t about promoting a brand directly and gaining instant sales. This content is designed not to push sales, but to encourage interest in products and services by being informative, helpful, and entertaining!

#2 Can you update or rewrite old content?

Absolutely! Sometimes when websites are created, there just isn’t the budget for content – we get it. Blog articles are then often either outsourced to a cheap and cheerful third party or the task is given to a member of staff who did a degree in English Literature and is ‘good with words’. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but if you’re looking to take your online output to the next level -we’ll be happy to work with the content you already have to give you a bit of a refresh and get your words really working for you and give your search engine rankings a boost.

#3 Will I be the only one in my postcode with your articles?

You’ll be the only one in the whole world with the articles we write for you.

Some content writing agencies offer a ‘one-in-every-postcode’ service for industry-specific blog articles, and although this sounds good it doesn’t mean a lot. Google doesn’t care about postcodes, and if it detects a high percentage of duplicate content across multiple websites anywhere on the web, it’ll penalise you for it, dragging you down the search engine rankings.

Our articles are completely original, and by that we mean totally bespoke, we don’t just change a few words to make it fit your branding so that we can charge multiple agents and send them all what is essentially the same article. Even if we’re writing about the same topic for multiple agents, every article will contain the key facts but be entirely different, because Katie starts every single one from a totally blank page.

#4 Is your content good for SEO?

Yes. Yes it is. If you’ve never had keyword research done before, we can arrange that for you at the start of the project and then use those keywords to create your content and get you seen on Google (other search engines are available).

If you have had keyword research done before, we’ll happily take what you already have, and use it to create keyword-rich content, which your customers love to read – it’s all about getting a great balance between those two things.

#5 Can you meet tight deadlines

As you might imagine, we’re busy little bees and writing bespoke content takes up a bit of time. That said, if you have a project that needs a super speedy turnaround, don’t be put off – get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

#6 How much does it cost?

You can see the pricing for each of our content services on their respective pages:

Fab website content >>

Nifty newsletters >>

Expert blog articles >>

The Content Squad

Social media can be a real time-suck when you’re trying to do everything yourself, from researching and writing posts to sourcing and resizing the images. We give you the words, imagery, and hashtags – all you have to do is pop it on your social media and press publish. DONE!

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