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The difference between bespoke and template social media marketing

A fool’s guide to the difference between BESPOKE social media content, and TEMPLATED social media content for those estate and letting agents who do not understand the difference.

bespoke social media content, content marketing, estate agents, letting agents, social media marketing,
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Why exceptional customer service is the key to growth

Reap long term benefits by taking time to fully understand the needs of your customer and see your results dramatically improve: I have always worked from a platform of exceptional customer service, but I am not sure that all other estate agents feel that this is the most important aspect of their job, as I […]

customer service, estate agency, estate agent, going the extra mile, listening skills,
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SEO & Social Advertising for Estate Agents

SEO Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of ranking high on a search engine without using paid advertising. Professional digital marketers have throughout the year continued to maximise the sales for clients with SEO, even in such unprecedented times. If you haven’t already realised, Google controls the internet, accounting for 75%+ of all global […]

blog, blog post ideas estate agents, blogs for estate agencies, Business Social media, content,
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Why every estate agent should be using Instagram Reels

Instagram is a visual platform, and there are multiple ways you can post and utilise it’s many features for your business. Find out more.

Build your followers, Digital marketing, Growing your profile, Instagram, Reels,
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How to make your Estate Agency social media sparkle

Estate Agency Social media. For some, those words instil a sense of dread and fear, whilst others revel in the memes, cat videos, and gender swapping Snapchat filters. Whichever camp you fall into, most people know it’s important to be doing social media, but the sheer scope of the digital landscape can intimidate people into […]

Digital marketing, estate agents, facebook, linkedin, pinterest,
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Estate Agents: 10 tips on how NOT to treat your customers

Over the past few months, I have been house hunting in Norwich and I have had some very surprising results, not many on the positive side sadly, but at least that means a need for great agency trainers, so good for my business at least! I thought I would share my tales, as an example […]

applicants, buyer, customer service, estate agent, keys,
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5 ways to be a reassuring voice in times of uncertainty

Reassuring Voice The death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth, after reigning for 70 years is causing a general air of depression, and uncertainly in the future, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your content is hitting the nail on the head every time, whilst being informative and avoiding negativity and fear-mongering. Never […]

bad news, Brexit, COVID-19, death of the queen, tone of voice,
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Don’t be a copycat

Why oh why do estate agents or letting agents buy content for their blogs or social posts, that is being duplicated across many other property pages? Be unique, stand out for your own opinions, your own creativity and skills, don’t be a copycat.

Content creation, Duplicated content, Embarassing, SEO,
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