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Digital Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Follow some basic rules for your digital marketing and you will see improvement in engagement, website traffic and the leads will follow.

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How to create a Facebook Business Manager account

Before you start advertising on Facebook or Instagram with JP Gardner & Associates, you will need to set up your own Facebook Business Manager account and add JP Gardner & Associates as a partner to work on the account for you. 

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Content Management Top Tips for Success

Many people do not give the content that they post the attention it deserves.  There are definitely some major ‘No-Nos’ – such as being too corporate, like a robot is writing your content – or not doing it at all – how ridiculous in the 2021 world where everyone in online and using digital platforms morning, noon and night.  Here we have listed 15 top tips to help with your content planning and we guarantee you will reap the benefits!

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5 ways to be a reassuring voice in times of unertainty

With Brexit and Covid-19 causing a general air of uncertainty, and lots of changes in rapid succession, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content is hitting the nail on the head every time, whilst being informative and avoiding sounding fear-mongery. Never fear, Katie’s here with her 5 top tips for developing a […]

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SEO & Social Advertising for Estate Agents

SEO Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of ranking high on a search engine without using paid advertising. Professional digital marketers have throughout the year continued to maximise the sales for clients with SEO, even in such unprecedented times.  If you haven’t already realised, Google controls the internet, accounting for 75%+ of all global […]

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3 top tips for making the most of Boxing Day traffic

Don’t let the hustle and bustle pass you by! Collect those leads with our 3 top tips for making the most of boxing day traffic.

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Get the warm and fuzzies at the Agents Giving Acts of Kindness Awards

Agents Giving have had to postpone their annual ball. We’ve been helping with the virtual Agents Giving Acts of Kindness awards instead.

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The ‘new normal’ in the property industry

‘Trying times’, ‘testing times’, ‘strange times’, ‘challenging times’, ‘unique times’ and media favourite ‘unprecedented times’ – all phrases which have been used to describe what we’re all living through at the moment amid the Covid-19 pandemic. No industry has been left unaffected by Covid-19, least of all the property industry which came to a near-complete […]

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