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Estate agents embracing social media

Over the past few years I have been working closely on in-house video production and being able to effectively promote estate agency business via online platforms with effective campaigns, which are much cheaper than portal or print costs, and can, if done correctly, give greater results. I have been content managing my website in-house and […]

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Why exceptional customer service is the key to growth

Reap long term benefits by taking time to fully understand the needs of your customer and see your results dramatically improve: I have always worked from a platform of exceptional customer service, but I am not sure that all other estate agents feel that this is the most important aspect of their job, as I […]

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Why estate agents need to embrace social media

About 4 years ago I attended an ARLA Regional Meeting and listened to a great presentation from Ben Harris (TM Group previously Sales Director of The Property Academy) on social media for the estate agency business. At that time I was unaware of any agency with their own company Facebook page, surely it was for […]

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