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The 3 metrics you should be using to monitor your digital marketing success

What should you be looking at to keep you on track for digital marketing success?

Google analytics, organic reach, social media,
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How to format blog posts for Google

How to format blog posts for Google: A few tips to help you structure your content to get seen.

Blog article, Blog post, blogging, google+,
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How to grow a mailing list

We’ve written about 5 reasons you need a mailing list, but how do you build one that’s not only going to benefit you but also the client too. You’re in luck, here’s how to grow a mailing list so that you’re in control of your contacts.

mailing list,
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Making sense of the Instagram algorithm

Instagram’s people are being much more forthcoming about how the Instagram algorithm works in light of recent changes.

algorithm, growing an audience, Instagram,
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How to generate social post ideas

How do you generate social post ideas? With inspiration, the 5 W’s and a sprinkling of magic. Read on to learn more.

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How to schedule social content and keep it fresh

When you’ve got a lot to do, it’s difficult to know how to schedule social content and keep it interesting and engaging. This article is for you!

content, content pillars, scheduling, social media,
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5 reasons you need a mailing list

Do you have a regularly used mailing list? You’ll want one after this!

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Create a basic social media plan that deals with the mechanics

As an Estate Agent, before you start on the socials you need a social media plan to answer three vital questions.

Course, Estate Agency digital marketing, social media,
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