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Why your digital marketing should be human

We often talk about ‘lead generation’ and ‘SEO’, but the thing at the very heart of what we do, is exactly the same at the heart of every good agent – it’s all about people first.

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Do Estate Agents need a high street office?

A new study commissioned by online property portal, WiggyWam, claims that over half of homebuyers don’t think estate agency branches are important with 54% if respondents thinking they’re unimportant, and 46% thinking they are.

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Can content marketing get leads?

Can content marketing get leads? Or is it a fluffy waste of time? We look at how you can measure the impact of content marketing, as well as showing you some of our results.

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3 ways to build trust in your estate agency online

You might know you’re fab and trustworthy, but someone encountering you for the first time won’t have a clue, and you need to show them. Here are 3 places to start to build trust in your estate agency online.

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SEO for WordPress websites that Google can’t resist

‘SEO’ gets chucked around the internet a lot. Mainly by people like us who love it, and want to talk about it. But if it’s no something you’re familiar with, it can feel like a real minefield. In this post, we’re talking about SEO for WordPress websites, but if you don’t have a WordPress website, […]

Estate Agency websites, google+, Rank Math, Search Engines, SEO,
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Improving the energy performance of rental properties to Band C

The Government proposes to lift the minimum EPC for all privately rented homes in the UK to Band C – this would apply to new tenancies from 2025 and all existing tenancies from 2028. They have outlined penalties of up to £30,000 for landlords who do not comply, and is considering banning agents and portals from listing properties that do not meet the standards. So what should you do now?

energy performance, EPC, Green Homes Grant, Landlord, private rental sector,
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Is paying for blog content a good idea?

Like most well-balanced articles, the answer to the question ‘is paying for blog content a good idea?’ is ‘it depends’. When it’s good, it’s very very good, but when it’s bad it could be catastrophic for getting your website seen online. If you’re an estate agent looking to pay someone to write content for you, […]

articles, blog content, blogging, estate agents blog,
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What is the best time to post on Facebook?

What is the best time to post on Facebook and deliver your posts directly to your audience? Here we look at how you can find out.

Audience Reach, facebook, Posting, What time is best to post on Facebook,
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