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Get reel: The rise of video in social media marketing

The use of video in social media marketing has skyrocketed since the pandemic, but how can Estate Agents harness this for their own engagement?

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Increase organic engagement: STOP doing this one thing on Facebook

Here are some top tips to increase organic engagement on Facebook, and why they work.

facebook, organic engagement, social media,
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5 ways to use nostalgia to boost social media engagement

nostalgia as a whole brings us joy and comfort like a warm blanket on a cold day. But how do you utilise it to boost social media engagement?

Local History, Nostalgia, Social Media Engagement,
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The 3 metrics you should be using to monitor your digital marketing success

What should you be looking at to keep you on track for digital marketing success?

Google analytics, organic reach, social media,
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Do I need social media for my estate agency business?

In our estate agency & property industry, there are still many business owners who do not use social media on a daily basis but they need to be STOP and read this.

content management, content marketing, Digital marketing, estate agency, Estate Agency digital marketing,
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How to batch create content for Gas Safety Week

Gas safety week 2021 is 13th – 19th September, and it’s a great time to remind landlords and tenants of what gas safety in lettings looks like. We’ve put together this post to help you create a week’s worth of content to share with your audience.

Batch create social media, Gas Safety Week 2021,
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How to format blog posts for Google

How to format blog posts for Google: A few tips to help you structure your content to get seen.

Blog article, Blog post, blogging, google+,
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How to grow a mailing list

We’ve written about 5 reasons you need a mailing list, but how do you build one that’s not only going to benefit you but also the client too. You’re in luck, here’s how to grow a mailing list so that you’re in control of your contacts.

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