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How to get the most out of YouTube SEO

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, with 2 billion monthly users across the globe watching a billion hours of video per day, with 500 minutes of the video posted every single minute. Over 90% of consumers say that they have discovered new brands on YouTube. It is, therefore, so important to use YouTube […]

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Blog content for estate agents and why you should never buy it

If you are serious about having a blog on your website or having a great website that is indexed by Google and other search engines then take the time to write your own content, to include keywords and long-tail key phrases, to Geotag and Alt Text your images, and don’t waste any money on writing that is not unique to you and your business.

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E-A-T for estate agency blog content SEO

We are a digital marketing agency for estate agents and property agents and we are here to educate estate agents and property people on how to harness organic SEO using the E-A-T principle and how the May 2022 Google broad core update wants expertise, authority and trust in your website.

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How to attract your perfect estate agency customers

Identifying your perfect estate agency customers This might sound painfully obvious, but when you’re trying to drum up business the temptation is to lower your fees and work with anyone possible. Not only can this lead to getting stuck in some draining situations, but it’s also easy to lose sight of who your ideal client […]

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How to use your email signature to drive traffic to your website

Gone are the days where your email signature is just a list of contact information and a nice brand logo. If this is all your signature has to offer then read on, you could be missing out!  What is an email signature?  Traditionally, at the bottom of an email you can add a strip that […]

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How to get leads from blog articles

According to the content marketing gurus at Hubspot, 60% of consumers regularly read and consume blog content.  We’ve written about starting blogs before now, but what if you’re regularly publishing fantastic estate agency content and you’re getting some good hits on your posts from people finding them on google? How do you take those people […]

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Why original content is important on Instagram

As of April 2022 reposted or shared content will no longer be rewarded by the algorithm, as Instagram is changing how it works. Creating a marketing plan along with new and original ideas can feel tough. Reposting and sharing other relevant content is a universally used way to fill the social calendar; however, excessive use […]

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10 tips on how to get better Google rankings

Have you ever wondered how to get your content seen on Google, and how you can improve your Google rankings? Here are 10 tips on how to improve them just from what content you are putting on the website!    #1 – Make sure your titles work for SEO.  Your title is an immediate insight […]

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