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How to get organic engagement on Facebook

There’s no one-size fits all answer to this, but this week Katie has written some takeaway tips for you to integrate into your social media strategy.

Digital marketing, Estate Agency digital marketing, facebook, Organic engagement on Facebook, social media,
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How to write a kickass Rightmove description

We take a look at how to write a Rightmove description to get your properties noticed as more people are looking to sell with the stamp duty holiday.

Digital marketing, Estate Agency digital marketing, Rightmove, Rightmove description,
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The best social media platforms for businesses

Social media can feel like a bit of a minefield. Don’t be a fishmonger trying to sell fresh fish at a zoo, let us help you pick the right platform to reach your ideal audience.

Business Social media, Digital marketing, facebook, Instagram, linkedin,
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Don’t waste this huge opportunity with your estate agency database

By focusing on your attitude to unsubscribes you can get much better results from your estate agency database marketing efforts.

Estate agency marketing, Estate agent database, estate agents, lettings, sales,
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How to write about property legislation when it’s as dry as old boots

It’s easily done, needing to get info out to your landlords and/or tenants as quickly as possible makes for quick, uninspiring, and hard to understand content. Read our guide on How to write about property legislation

EICR, electrical safety, estate agents, Writing about Legislation,
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5 Mistakes you’re making in your blog posts

In this post, we’re taking a look at the five mistakes you’re making in your blog posts (and how to go about fixing them.)

blogger, blogging, business bloging, business blogs, Digital marketing,
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How to get rid of bots and fake followers from your social media

Get rid of bots and fake followers from your social accounts. Want to know why? Because we said so. Also some other better reasons we talk about in this post.

bots, Fake followers, fake instagram followers, fake twitter followers, instagram bots,
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Facebook Ads vs boosting: STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOST BUTTON

Have you ever wondered why boosting a post on Facebook has got you engagement but no ROI? In this post we talk about Facebook ads vs boosting.

boosting, Digital marketing, estate agents, Facebook ads, Facebook boost button,
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