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How to deal with bad Facebook reviews

The brutal truth is, people are already saying whatever they like about you. By having social media accounts where you can visibly be seen to respond to bad reviews, it is actually a way for you to take control of the conversation and isn’t something to be scared of. Learn how to deal with bad Facebook reviews.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Estate Agents

Much like ‘Brexit’, you can’t turn on a single news outlet without hearing about Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some people are panic buying soap and loo roll and others are refusing to acknowledge the fuss, however to protect those in society who are most vulnerable to the effects of the virus, we all need to be sensible […]

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Estate Agents: Get ranked on the first page of Google

Get ranked on the first page of Google. It won’t happen overnight but we’ve put together a list of things to work on in order to help improve your search engine rankings.

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12 blog ideas for estate agents

Here are 12 blog ideas for estate agents which will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but will leave an impression on your reader which will keep your name in the forefront of their mind.

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Why outsourcing blog posts is BAD

Outsourcing blog posts is bad. I know, I know. You’re thinking: ‘Katie, why have you titled the blog this when people are paying you to write blog posts for them? Isn’t that the very definition of outsourcing? Why are you trying to bring down your own industry like this?’ You’ve got me there. The simple […]

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How to make your Estate Agency social media sparkle

Estate Agency Social media. For some, those words instil a sense of dread and fear, whilst others revel in the memes, cat videos, and gender swapping Snapchat filters. Whichever camp you fall into, most people know it’s important to be doing social media, but the sheer scope of the digital landscape can intimidate people into […]

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Do Facebook competitions work?

We have been running community competitions on Facebook for our clients for a number of years, and they have always had a positive impact on the Page following, so they are definitely a good way to increase your fans.  They need to be managed effectively and you will need to ensure there are set rules […]

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The Tenant Fees Act becomes law on 1st June 2019

The Tenants’ Fees Bill received its formal Royal Assent yesterday afternoon – and immediately the government issued a press release confirming that the Tenant Fees Act puts a stop to unnecessary, costly fees imposed on tenants by landlords or letting agents. New Act bans unfair letting fees and caps tenancy deposits at 5 weeks’ rent, […]

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