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Area Guides

We recently produced an area guide for Northfields Estate Agents to show off all there is to offer on Pitshanger Lane. Sales Assistant Leah Verasammy kindly took time out of her day to take us around to her and the staff’s favourite spots to eat, drink and call home.

A week after its promotion, the video has reached 12,000 people (3,421 organic reach + 8,579 paid reach), been watched by 5,300 people (1,465 organic + 3,835 paid), has had 20 shares, 33 likes and generally has had a superb reception. People have registered for property saying that they have seen the video, it has been mentioned on 2 valuation appointments and a local restaurant who was not featured in the video this time, has asked if they can appear in the next one!  Not bad for one week’s Facebook promotion which has cost £18.44. When you consider how much money is usually spent on ad clicks on Google, Property Portals and the like, you cannot get better value for money than Facebook boosting of great video posts.

Tagging the places featured in the video and getting them involved is a great way of producing a snowball effect, with each page sharing it to their followers and so on. It helps build a following, connect you with local business and boost recommendations.

Watch the video below:


Market Update

In the same week, we produced a market update with Craig Dougan, the new Sales Manager of the Ealing Broadway office. Craig is hugely enthusiastic about the West London property market and was keen to show off his knowledge. 24 hours in, the video is looking to be performing well even without the share-boost from other local businesses.

It is vital to show off to your vendors and potential clients how your company is the local expert and knows how to handle their issues.  Video marketing is an excellent way of engaging the community and building an organic relationship with those in the local area. Don’t let your competitor be the first thing on everyone’s lips when someone is looking to move to the area!Every company usually has one superstar like Craig, sometimes they just don’t know it yet!

Watch Craig’s informative video below: