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A new website for the New Year

I am amazed at how much changes in a year, not least of all where business technology is concerned. As a *ahem* 50-something business owner who spent the best part of 30 years as an Estate Agent, moving thousands of people into new homes across London and the Home Counties since the ’80s, before (literally) […]

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Estate Agents: 10 tips on how NOT to treat your customers

Over the past few months I have been house hunting in Norwich and I have had some very surprising results, not many on the positive side sadly, but at least that means a need for great agency trainers, so good for my business at least!.  I thought I would share my tales, as an example of how […]

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Why exceptional customer service is the key to growth

Reap long term benefits by taking time to fully understand the needs of your customer and see your results dramatically improve: I have always worked from a platform of exceptional customer service, but I am not sure that all other estate agents feel that this is the most important aspect of their job, as I […]

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