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Change takes will power8 Apr 2015

But you can do it!

I have spoken to many people recently who are trying to change something; maybe their diet, drinking or smoking habits, or the amount of exercise they do. I also have clients looking to change something about their work environment such as systems or processes, incorporate different types of marketing like social media or video.

Whatever it is that needs changing, it is going to be hard and you will need to have will power and lots of support. I would suggest that you give yourself a minimum of 9 weeks so that you really have time to form new habits and get yourself submerged in your new life or work style!

To help you through think about these 3 things:


1. YOUR GOAL – What is the difference between now and the future. Envisage what you want to change, the steps you need to take and break it down into bite-sized sections so that you don’t have a huge leap to take in one go. You have 9 weeks or longer so section it out and write it down in your diary so it is easy to see the journey you are embarking upon.

2. YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK – The people you surround yourself with will have a huge impact upon the success of your task to make change. If you are looking to lose weight you need to get everyone around you on board, it’s no good sitting looking at a lettuce leaf while everyone else is tucking into pizza. You might need to just take time out from your usual friends, it’s only for a few months but if people cannot support you then you need to eliminate the temptation. Not saying that you need to separate from your husband or family, but maybe mealtimes need to be taken separately for a short time until you have the new habits under control.
If you are making change at work then it is imperative you have team of people around you who share your goal. If you are trying to make a change while everyone else carries on in the old way, you will fail.

3. YOUR ENVIRONMENT – If you are trying to stop doing something, such as smoking, then you need to make an excuse to remove yourself from a smoky environment. The moment you put yourself in a tempting environment your will power will start to weaken and subconsciously your brain will start making excuses…
If you are trying to improve your telephone technique at work and feel nervous in the main office, just move yourself into a private place, or make some calls from your car, or stay a little later after your colleagues have gone home. Practice in private until you have the confidence to speak openly. Lots of situations are daunting and sometimes you just need to make a change to your environment until you have broken the fear and feel ready to rejoin.

Good luck to everyone attempting change, it WILL be worth it in the long run. If you need support, just email me!