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Engage customers online with LiveChat26 Oct 2017

Live Chat Software

Starting off, let’s list a few reasons why LiveChat should be included in your marketing strategy:

  • LiveChat is a useful tool for your customers
  • LiveChat helps drive sales and conversions
  • LiveChat reduces phone time for staff

A useful tool

Providing a simple, immediate way for clients to access help, LiveChat contributes to removing potential customer frustration. Each online user will interact differently with your website, and not all will have the capacity to perfectly navigate your website. This is where you can directly assist, resolving any gaps in required information or providing support with application forms.

Driving conversions

By removing these pain points you will be helping to bridge the gap between an unsatisfied user and a user who is going to buy your product or sign up for your service. A survey by Forrester Research devised that 57% of online users said they would abandon a purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions. This goes to shows just how much extra business you can gain from your online market by being in the right place to answer those questions where a purchase hangs in the balance.

Efficient staff

By answering questions right on your website, you will reduce the amount of phone calls which can heavily reduce staff productivity. LiveChat allows staff to continue to work whilst answering enquiries as well as providing the ability to respond to multiple enquiries simultaneously, greatly helping to increase staff efficiency.

It is important to highlight getting your own staff to man LiveChat. Using a third party between users and your staff damages efficiency and doesn’t allow you to fully represent your brand through the online touch point.

Our LiveChat is available from 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri. You can find it in the bottom right of your screen so you can give it a go from a users point of view and see for yourself why it is becoming such a necessity to streamline your business and compete within your industry.

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