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How to batch create content for Gas Safety Week9 Sep 2021

Gas safety week 2021 is 13th – 19th September, and it’s a great time to remind landlords and tenants of what gas safety in lettings looks like. We’ve put together this post to help you create a week’s worth of content to share with your audience. 

Write a blog article and post it to your website

We’ve written before about how to write about legislation when it’s as dry as old boots which deals a lot with the tone of your posts, but Gas Safety Week is particularly important to cover, and it’s serious. Not only is it about the legal obligations of landlords, but it’s about tenants’ safety.

Make sure your blog has: 

  • An introduction
  • Facts and statistics
  • Concise content that provides the reader with useful information in short paragraphs
  • Clear subheadings to five main points (this is important!)
  • A call to action at the end – this is you pointing your reader to where you think they should go next on your website. 

You could approach it from a couple of different angles. If you want to write for tenants, you can address it to tenants and tell them what the responsibilities of their landlord are, as well as what their responsibilities are. The call to action (CTA) on this article could be to direct people to other blog articles which are helpful to tenants. 

If you’re writing to landlords explaining what their obligations are, your goal might be to convince them to move from self-management to you managing their portfolio for them, so the CTA might be to a page on your website where you talk about the benefits of property management and set out your services. 

Split up your blog post

Remember we said to make five points? If you were to divide your post up into five, that gives you a topic per day for your social media posts. This also works for longer posts with more points, but we’re dealing with Gas Safety Week specifically. 

These points might be: 

  • Landlord obligations
  • When to arrange gas safety checks
  • Who should carry out gas safety checks
  • What does the inspection look like?
  • Why is it so important?

We now need to turn them into social media posts, so for us they would have to adhere to one of the four content pillars that we use and be educational, promotional, community-based, or entertaining. 

As it’s Gas Safety Week we’re looking at, we’ll be thinking about educational and a smidgin of entertaining but in more of an engagement sense than being amusing, seeing as it’s such an important subject. 

Next, use each point to write your captions. You could just copy and paste from your blog post, but it’s likely that you will need to edit in order to make it suitable for social media. 

Stop the scroll  

With so much content being published every second of every day, you need yours to stand out. As one idea, I used Canva to create this moving image with a question, to make people think. 

Gas safety week

It doesn’t have to be moving, but if you use something like Canva (it’s free), you can create all five of your images and download them in one go – saving a lot of time.

Use a scheduler

Finally, schedule your posts. You’ve already made the images and written your captions, so if you spend just half an hour adding your posts to a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer, you’ll have content for the whole of Gas Safety week without thinking about it too much.

Make sure you add the link to your blog post to every post (particularly LinkedIn and Twitter if you use them, Facebook aren’t as keen on links and Instagram doesn’t allow them in feed posts). And this will help direct traffic from your social channels, back to your website. 

Does this sound like a lot of work you don’t have time for? We offer a complete social media management service, and you can learn more about that here.

Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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