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How to be a successful estate agent in a tough market29 Oct 2018

I was delighted to receive a copy of Peter Knight’s (The Property Academy & EA Masters) e-book just now.  Not only was it amazing to be asked to contribute to the book, as he states himself on the cover, he has worked with some of the ‘best estate agents in the UK’…  I hope it means that I am one of those (big smiley face) as I have a few of my tips in the book, but reading some of the other names on the content list alone, is enough to make me grin from ear-to-ear (that’s just at page 1).

So please, can I urge any estate agent who follows my social media accounts or reads my blogs, to download a copy for themselves and devour it, cover to cover.  You will, most definitely, take away some gems to help you through this tough market, but you will also feel that you are not alone.  Perseverance, head down/hard work and keeping a positive attitude will certainly get you through, but with some of the tips of the trade in this booklet, you could find you thrive whilst others flounder!

Profiting in Every Market 2018

Big thanks to Peter, a great inspiration to me through the last decade of agency work, and someone I am honoured to know and call a friend.






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