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How to make the most of the boxing day boom9 Dec 2021

Ah, Boxing Day, the day after Christmas day. A day for relaxing, eating leftovers and, according to data, selling houses?! Although there is no doubt you’re going to be partway through that well-deserved break, how do you make sure to make use of the Boxing day boom? 

What is the boxing day boom?

Every year, after the main event of Christmas, we see a big spike in people viewing properties online. Recent data from property portal Rightmove, shows that between the 26th and 31st December traffic to their site grew by 54%. Why? The exact reason is unclear. It could be because it’s a fresh new home for someone. It could be that first-time buyers have put off until after the festive season. Either way now is a good time to market to people thinking of putting their house on the market, so they can make the most of the festive traffic. 

Get ahead of the curve

Sure, no one is expecting you to want to work on Boxing day. So how exactly do you make the most of the boxing day rush? 

Guides on how to get your property up together before Christmas.

Encourage people to think about preparing for their house to go on the market earlier. This includes taking photos before the decorations get put up, having a pre-Christmas declutter and tips on how to stage their home.

Make use of the times we are living in by producing reusable downloadable resources. Not only will this be good for Search Engine Optimisation (Keeping the search engines happy), but also being helpful without expecting a return will score points!


Now is the time to be thinking about offers and promotions. Can you entice potential sellers with what you are already offering free; things like professional photography as part of your marketing as standard. Can you offer something others in your area can’t? Things like services (mortgage advisers or trusted solicitors) can be a real asset.  

Focus on digital 

As if anyone needs reminding, we are still wading our way through a global pandemic. Some people will be looking for estate agents who can provide online options. Use your social media platforms and general online presence to your advantage by thinking of ways you can still help if the worst does happen. This is something you can think about aa.ll year round too. Being more accessible may bring in more clients – just look at how well video tours have been received across the industry! 

Use Scheduling

Like with blogs for your website, scheduling your property listings ready for Boxing day can improve your online traffic. The more consistent you are with your posting, the more you show up and the more you are relied on as the first port of call for property searches in your local area. This is the part that also means your social media is doing the work for you, while you’re sat in your dressing gown mainlining chocolates straight from the tin.

Plan a campaign

In the days leading up to Boxing Day, plan a campaign that ends with something. For estate agents, this will look like scheduling new property listings for Boxing Day. It could also be making a property advent calendar or ‘12 properties of Christmas’. This will help to create the buzz with you, allow more people to see you and harness some of the Boxing Day scrolling back to your site. 

Take a look at trends 

Look back on records from the previous year, both within your estate agency and using data from sources like Rightmove. Look for a trend with who is purchasing houses, what kind of houses are they looking for. Have there been any recent trends? Do they match with last year? Are that audience being addressed and the needs of them being met?

If you can apply the above to your marketing strategy this December, you are sure to see some reward through the interactions you have on your site.

Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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