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Why use Landing Pages?

You can create as many landing pages as you need to cover all of the places from where traffic comes to your website. That way you are not sending people to a home page, where there are lots of distractions to pull them off into a different direction and dilute their purpose. With a landing page you can ensure you give exactly what the client or prospective client wants, in response to the ad they have seen and the link they have clicked on.

This is exceptionally important if you run Google Ad Campaigns, as you are paying for that click, so you need to maximise your chances of turning the potential client into the actual client. Once you have a template landing page designed, you can clone it for all of the different ads you produce, change the content (which is very easy on a WordPress website) and really bespoke the page by adding video / graphics and enquiry forms / valuation or viewing booking forms / job application forms etc etc.

Entice your customer!

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