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Lettings Tenant Fee Ban18 Apr 2017

Time to take a stand!

Since it was announced by the Chancellor on 23rd November 2016 in the Autumn Statement  that the Government proposed to ban ALL TENANT FEES in England it has been a hot topic in the world of Letting Agencies.  Now it is time to take a stand against the Government.

On 7th April a consultation was launched seeking views on implementation with a deadline for submissions of 2nd June 2017.  As we are well aware in the lettings industry, this is going to have a negative impact, not only on the letting agents but to everyone, including tenants! ARLA Propertymark surveyed 1,008 lettings agents to ask what they thought that the impact of the ban would be and a huge 87% responded with the view that rent prices will increase as a result of banning fees, just as they did in Scotland when tenant fees were banned.

So, a negative effect for the tenants as well as the letting agent, thus not achieving the governments objectives of reducing overall housing spend by tenants.  See below for the consultation in full, it proves an interesting read with contradicting goals and impact.

The good news is that ARLA Propertymark have made it very easy for you to do your bit in standing up to this ban and have very nicely prepared the tools for battle:

1. Find out how to contact your local MP in order to write a letter using the template provided:

2. For the braver souls, get the contact number your local constituency office and book an appointment to meet your MP in person:

Now for the tools…

Item no.1, a letter template to write to your MP to get the ball rolling:

Item no. 2, ARLA Propertymark Briefing Consultation on Banning Tenant Fees April 2017 summarising the key arguments for you to give to your MP when you meet:

Finally, item no.3, a proposed meeting agenda, key points and FAQs to support your conversations with MPs:

You can watch ARLA’s David Cox talk about the government consultation and, ARLA letting agents, you can give your opinions on the situation by visiting the Letting Fees Consultation page on the ARLA website HERE


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