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Marketing Must-Do

Why or why not?

  • Having worked in the property industry since the 1980s, and coming from a marketing background, I have always put agency marketing ahead of sales, but it’s not the norm.
  • Typically estate agents are great sales people but not marketeers, and that has meant, as an industry, we are pretty behind the curve.
  • But now, in the ‘even more digital than ever before’ world, it all has to change!

Time for change

  • Whilst most businesses have taken a hit this year due to the COVID19 crisis, the property industry is still growing (around 0.7% pa) with the number of active agency businesses around 28,000 and branches around 50,000, employing over 160,000 people.
  • The biggest change is the way buyers now transact, with almost 90% starting their journey online and Rightmove stating a bounce of 70% from when the property market re-opened after lockdown in May.
  • So competition is fierce and these days you need online and offline marketing skills to set you apart from the pack!

Lets talk digital

Social media stats for August 2020

  • 66% of the UK population are on social media 
  • 45.5 million users are on Facebook in the UK – 58.31% of the digital market
  • 22.9 million users are on Instagram in the UK
  • Twitter has 20.29% share of digital market in UK
  • Linkedin has 0.23% share of the market in the UK
  • 81% of UK social media users are online EVERY DAY

Source: Statista

What's not to love?

  • A decade ago estate agency marketing meant: put up a ‘For Sale / To Let’ board at the property, take a few photos to make a brochure and a window card, upload the listing to the property portals, run an ad in the local newspaper, drop letters or flyers through doors and ‘possibly’ put the details on your company website (if you had one).
  • All of that was actually quite costly for the the amount of return on your investment!
  • Nowadays you can run company social media pages on a few platforms and attract thousands of people to your business. You do not need to heavily rely on the property portals, you have a greater ability, utilising the correct practices, to attract people to your listings for FREE.

So how?

  • Here I give you my top 20 ways to grow your brand and run your business using the best marketing strategies for the 2020s.
  • You need to be active, engaging, consistent and ONLINE to ensure that you are not missing out and falling behind the curve.
  • So, read on and get in touch with any questions you have!

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