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Why do estate agents need social media?5 Apr 2017

Social Media for Estate Agents

Now I keep hearing my estate agency clients say ‘do I need to be on social media?’ and, if so ‘should I be posting my properties on social media?’

Number one – yes! Number two ~ no!

The reason you need social media is that you are trying to attract people to your brand who don’t know you and the quickest way to do this is to post interesting articles or photos on your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram Pages.

In this article we will focus on Facebook:

Social media for Estate Agents - Facebook logo

Firstly you need to get people who know you or your brand to like your Facebook page (eg. your customers, your friends or your staff, or their family), and then you want to encourage them to SHARE / COMMENT or LIKE your posts (this is called ENGAGEMENT) because then your post will show on their newsfeed.  Now I expect that the people on your Facebook page will have lots of other friends, maybe also local ones, who might also find your post interesting and share it with their friends.  Now imagine that one of those people needs to use the services of an Estate Agent, and they have seen interesting, newsworthy articles coming from your page…? I wonder who might spring to the top of their mind first?  Your estate agency!

This type of marketing is so quick and so fast and actually it’s FREE, so why would you not be doing it?

Also if you put ‘links’ into your social posts that drive people back to your website (these are called backlinks and they are really important for your website ranking) then Google will start to push your brand up the Google ranking and when someone searches for an estate agent, not only will they see your website listed, but your Facebook page too.  By the way, Facebook is a huge website, for Google it will be considered one of the highest websites for having backlinks to your own website, so you really do need to be posting on it.

Secondly, people who are looking for property, look on the portals Rightmove, Zoopla & On The Market, but will not really be looking at property on your Facebook Page.  Do you know anyone who picks Facebook as the first place to search for a new home? No, I doubt it.

So you need to ensure that you only feature property in your newsfeed if it has an interesting newsworthy angle.  For instance, a property with a resident ghost, or one with a beautiful view, or somewhere where a celebrity has lived, etc.  Otherwise, do not feature property in your newsfeed, work out a more social strategy to get your followers engaged.  How about talking about what the property market is doing in your area, where the best roads are to buy, what is going on at the local schools?  Can you join forces with the schools and run a competition, or participate in an event, such as their Easter Fete or Summer Fayre?  That way you will have lots of interesting local news to talk about, and a lot of local people who will be interested in what you have to say.  There is a good reason why local resident Facebook groups have large followings; because local people are interested in local news.  You should aim to make yourselves known as the local experts, the property people, the ones with their fingers on the pulse of local news.  That is how you build engagement and how you get your brand out into the community.

At JP Gardner & Associates, we work very hard to ensure our client’s social media platforms resonate with the local people and we measure and monitor the post engagements so that we are always learning and improving for you.  Our service is bespoke, we do not post articles across a variety of clients, everything we do is based on your audience needs and wants, to make you stand out from the crowd.  You will not be disappointed!

Check out our packages here or book a free consultation with me!

Jane P Gardner



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