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Eat Your Heart Out Package

This is the ‘Serious’ Social Media Package: Eat your heart out ~ which will give you 20 posts per week ~ usually Monday to Friday, but we can schedule across a weekend if requested.  If you are serious about your social media, then you will be using all of the different platforms in order to reach your target audiences.  There is a set-up charge of £147+VAT per platform and we are happy to utilise any of the platforms on which you have accounts set up.

Please note that social media platforms now have a ‘newsfeed’ and a ‘stories or reels’ option, so we will ensure that your content takes this into consideration.  All social media contracts will incur a final fee of £97+VAT per platform at the end of the contract, in order to return platform authority to the company.  If you are hoping to boost your posts or run targeted ads on your social media platforms, please ensure that you have set up a Business Account & Ad Account on Meta.  If you are unsure how to do this, read our blog here. Once your accounts are in place (for which you will need to add a payment method, as once the ads are prepared and running, the PPC will come directly via your ad account) JP Gardner & Associates will be able to work as a partner on your account.

What you get

Eat Your Heart Out Social Package

  • Set up and management of your Facebook Business Page Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter (or Google My Business) – 4 platforms
  • Monthly content planning & scheduling to the relevant target audience for your chosen platforms.
  • Bespoke posts to 4 platforms daily (Mon to Fri)
  • 1 Sponsored Ad to a specific targeted audience (Daily click budget not included)


Bespoke monthly content in the form of 2 completely bespoke to you blog posts / news articles optimised for search (SEO)

  • Quick response to all messages received during office hours and details passed directly to you
  • Weekly liaison with your dedicated team member
  • WhatsApp messaging
  • Dedicated account management with telephone support during office hours
  • Annual analytics and overview
  • £1169 per month + VAT (minimum 6-month contract)

Growing your social media platforms?

Maybe now is the time to expand your social media reach to more platforms.  Remember that each different social platform has a different audience, and, as such, requires different content.  That is why we do not advocate for you to link social platforms and post the same content.

  • FACEBOOK: Local people get to know you, the people behind your brand, how you interact with your local community and the culture of your business.
  • INSTAGRAM:  Beautiful images, relevant hashtags and lots of short-form video content to drive engagement.
  • LINKEDIN: Connect with your clients, showcase your expertise, discuss business matters and share your company content with your own connections.
  • TWITTER:  Have your say, report news, keep people up to date as things are happening, and have a bit of fun & banter.
  • TIKTOK:  Video, video, video content – every day.  Use trending sounds and formats.

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