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Using our Ads Manager we can run sponsored ads for your company to a very targeted audience.  We need to install our Pixel onto your website and track your current traffic for approximately 2 months in order to establish a good base for a lookalike audience.  Facebook will track interests, behaviours, likes, dislikes, age, location, job & family status and much more information, and build you a custom audience specifically for your needs.

  • One-off account set-up on Ads Manager £135.00+VAT
  • Ad building with audience research fact-find per avatar £337.00+VAT
  • Monthly cost per ad account £275.00+VAT
  • Facebook Ad Budget is in addition to the above charges

A minimum float of £250 must be lodged against your ad account and topped up in a timely manner.  Ads run on a pay per click basis and will be monitored daily, you can put a limit on this for each ad.  It is advisable to ensure that your target audience for each ad does not conflict with another of your own ads, as you will end up competing against yourself and paying more!

The Social Magic of Targeted Ads

In order to get the most return on your ads, you need to put your audience into a variety of “Avatars” where you breakdown the wants & needs, along with the interests & behaviours of your different audiences.  If you would like to receive our simple guide to building your audience avatars simply complete the form below.

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