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What is TikTok?

TikTok is the newest social media platform that has really taken off during the Global COVID pandemic.

It has a very high growth rate in the UK and has already amassed over 6.8 million users in the short time it has been around.

The platform allows users to post short-form video content from 5-60 seconds long, and that can be accompanied by music if the user does not wish to speak on video.

Whilst the application first took off due to its entertainment factor, with lots of dance moves to trending songs, it has now become a fascinating place to learn about the lives of your favourite celebrities, and also a place to get top tips on any subject you are interested in learning about.

TikTok accounts for estate agents and letting agents

Why should my estate agency business be on TikTok?

In the UK the average daily time that someone spends on the app is 41 minutes, in fact, our team are on it more than that because it is the top place to learn hacks for all of the social media software systems that we use every day in our job.

It’s really engaging and quick, so you can learn a lot very quickly.  Which is why we find it so bizarre that barely any UK estate agents are using the platform effectively.  When you head across the pond, you find realtors who are getting a LOT of business from their TikTok videos – just check out realtor GLENNDA BAKER talking about her TikTok journey HERE.

Glenna Baker quotes:

  • I got 5 listing appointments from 1 video.  
  • I got 50,000 shares and 7 million views fromn one video.
  • I made $141,000 gross commission income in 11 months.
  • I hear this “Hello my name is Jerry, my son found you on TikTok and said I should get in touch.  Hello my name is Julie, my daughter Olivia said I should get in touch.  Both listing appointments were worth over $1million.  The child told the parent! No lie!”



Social media platforms change constantly, there is always a new algorithm, a new app or a new trend.  That is why we spend hours each week learning all of the updates that have happened ‘this week’ so that we can implement the relevant changes into the content we post for our clients.

TikTok is a giant Chinese platform that started to make its way over to the UK towards the end of 2019 and by lockdown in March 2020 already had 9 million users and counting, with a prediction of doubling that in the next 2 years.

We didn’t immediately see the appeal of the TikTok platform to our audience, it was mainly short-form video content, primarily dance moves, to trending music.  However, as you can see from some of the above users, that has changed, and we now find our clients asking if we can help them to build a TikTok audience.

So, despite our genius, we have to learn to use these new platforms, it doesn’t just happen overnight.  So Jane has started her own channel, posting a TikTok a day in order to learn the effects, trends and best posting times, in order for us to replicate that for you guys. 

You can follow Jane’s journey HERE and be thankful it is her learning and not you!

How often should I post on TikTok?

Ideally, you should post at least 1 TikTok per day and follow the trend for when your viewers are online, it is likely to be before work or at night, so once you start posting it is important to test various time to discover when is best for your business.

What content should I be posting?

First and foremost you should NOT be posting just property videos.  People on TikTok are invested in YOU so the content should reflect your personality, your job, your background, your passion and finally, your property listings.  We would suggest that you plan your schedule with content that does not involve property listings, and then add additional TikTok videos when you have a listing to showcase.  As a rule of thumb you should aim for 80% YOU and 20% YOUR ESTATE AGENCY STOCK.

How we can help you...

To build your TikTok following?

We'll be your content advisors and schedulers

  • We have an Estate Agency TikTok package to do a lot of the time-consuming work for you.
  • You will receive a schedule of 5 topics each week with a “hook” and a guideline of content.
  • All you have to do is turn your mobile phone into PORTRAIT MODE and video yourself in less than 60 seconds answering the hook or relaying the content.
  • You can then post the videos directly onto your TikTok account.


  • You can send the .mp4 short-form video to your account manager on WhatsApp or email.
  • We will post it onto your account at the relevant time, with trending music where appropriate, and all of the text overlay and graphics required.




TikTok social media account management for estate and letting agents


No tie-in, one month’s notice required to unsubscribe.

A one-off set-up fee of £135+VAT at the commencement of the contract applies.

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