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10 tips on how to get better Google rankings12 May 2022

Have you ever wondered how to get your content seen on Google, and how you can improve your Google rankings? Here are 10 tips on how to improve them just from what content you are putting on the website! 


#1 – Make sure your titles work for SEO. 

Your title is an immediate insight into the contents of a page. It’s important (not only for readers but also for your SEO) to keep a title relevant to your content and your main keyword for the page or post. 


Getting the best from your titles could mean organically using your keyword at the beginning of your title. This is called front loading and will help Google to understand what your content is about and where to display it. 


If you can’t organically use your keyword at the beginning, use it as early as you can. Keyword stuffing won’t do you any favours. 


#2 – Be unique

Avoid copying titles or creating near-identical titles. Google will favour your posts if they are fresh and original. This applies to all copy on your site, including titles, meta descriptions and any block content on your site.


This also stops you from competing with yourself in search results – if you’re already on page 1 for a term, it makes sense to move on and target new keywords in your area.


#3 Do your research 

Keywords are called KEYwords for a reason. These are the little nuggets of information that google will pick up to reference your content, and show it when people search for specific things. 


Using your keywords early on in your content will help you to gain a better ranking on Google too. This is because search engines like Google, care about the location of your keyword. You want to make sure it’s at the top of your page, and that it appears within the first 25 words. 


#4 Need for Speed

Site loading speed may not seem like it should matter to Google but it does. This is one of the few factors we know about the algorithm that decides who’s on page one. The likely reasons for this is because users of the internet are impatient (yes, even you). Why would you wait for a page to load when it’s probably quicker to come out and click on another link. 


To improve your loading speed you can compress images, use lightweight WordPress themes, or even use lazy loading! (where stuff loads as you scroll). 


#5 Quality, not quantity

Publishing good, high-quality content is a must. Not only will your readers be more likely to come back to you for information and advice, you will also capture Google’s attention too. 


#6 Internal links

Using links to other areas of your website will help not only validate your content on both pages, but also Google to recognise the importance of the content you are putting out. 


#7 Don’t be a fool, use your tools. 

On most website back ends there will be the ability to use an SEO plug-in. This is essentially a step by step guide on how to get each post or page to meet a certain level of SEO-ness. This is great for being able to self-analyse your writing and make sure it’s as good as possible. 


Some examples of these plug-ins are Yoast or Rank Math. 


#8 Use ALT text in your images

Using keywords correctly in ALT text can also help your Google rank. Not only could your text appear on the first page of a search but your images can show up too. 


#9 User experience

Although we have put this at number 9, it does not mean that it’s any less important. In fact this is probably one of the most important things to consider. If your users are finding it difficult to use your site, they won’t stay long. Google will pick up on this, noticing how long from the click from the search engine to them returning. If it’s only a short amount of time, Google will assume that the page is not providing the information users want for that particular keyword. 


#10 Keep tabs on your Google ranking

Checking how you’re doing for each keyword can make sure you stay on track. It will also help you to see trends on your website. If there is a sudden influx of “property management” engagement you can lean your marketing towards what’s trending.  


There you have it, our 10 top tips on how to get better Google rankings. If you would like further help, get in touch and see what we can do for you! 

Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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