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VidEA Conference and the Future of Property Video18 Sep 2015

By Antonio Pacelli, Media Consultant at JP Gardner & Associates

The property market is currently in the thick of a drastic and pivotal state of change. Video marketing is breathing fresh life into the market and we are rapidly travelling a path toward a new and improved industry standard. Currently, only a handful of pioneers are experimenting with contemporary video marketing methods, constantly innovating in the race to reap the rewards this service can provide. The proof of this comes with huge statistics showing that a home with video attached to it on an agents’ site has a 30% greater likelihood of selling than one without, naturally likely to increase as more stats show by 2018 almost 70% of the world’s mobile traffic will comprise of video. Strangely enough, the large majority of agents are still yet to see the amazing benefits this technology can afford them, held back by their hesitance to revitalise the tried and tested process of slinging brochures, impersonal websites and their generally ‘safe’ practice. The problem is, the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, is slowly becoming the famous last words for agencies relying primarily on their high street branch for instructions and sales.


On Wednesday, the team at J P Gardner & Associates attended the inaugural VidEA conference at the BFI Southbank, which marks the beginning of an industry grasping these concepts by the collar, whilst presenting some highly convincing cases for fully committing to their development and widespread use. Speakers included Reapit’s Sales Manager Peter Fenwick sharing his favourite property videos and their rightful place in a branch’s marketing structure (featuring a very risqué Australian ad hinging on the audience’s love of muscular man-buns), Samsung Sales Manager James Thornton with some exciting yet slightly 1984-esque facial recognition tech and HIGHLY envy-inducing ‘video-walls’. Fine & Country also impressed with some high-end showcasing of stately manors with serious production value (probably the most ostentatious ones in the UK, but still nowhere near the likes of Coldwell & Banker in the US and Australian market, where vendors pay top dollar for their videos).




However, whilst these experiments in grandiosity are an excellent and no doubt worthwhile charge at the untouched boundaries of property marketing, this kind of indulgence is fairly inaccessible and its usage is niche to say the least. So, where does this leave those just wanting to give a 3-bedroom terrace in Sheffield an extra push? And more importantly, even if I took the plunge, is the extra effort and cost really worth it? Well, you’re in luck, because here at J P Gardner, we not only specialise in affordable yet quality property videos, but we also help you implement the tools needed to make it worth your time. On top of this, we can provide assistance in housing your videos on a slick new website and even train your staff on social media engagement. Call us now on 01923 286 553 to book a free initial consultation and bring your agency smoothly and sure-footedly into the new age of property marketing.




From left to right: Hannah Matthews (Marketing Exec of Sewell & Gardner), Me, Nathan Emerson (Owner Pygott & Crone), Simon Woodcock (Owner Robinson Michael & Jackson), Peter Fenwick (Sales Manager Reapit), Peter Lawrence (Owner Lawrence Rand Estates), Kristian Stott (Owner Cloud Shepherd), Simon Whale (Director Reapit) and Jane Gardner.

Antonio Pacelli, Media Consultant at J P Gardner & Associates.