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Video Production Packages

4 Great ways to showcase your brand

"Kickstart" 675 + VAT

If you are looking for a one-off promotional video to use for marketing your business, we can film and edit this for you, provide front and end screens and bespoke music and upload to your YouTube or Vimeo channel.  Filming should not take more than 4 hours and the video film produced will be no longer than 4.5 minutes.  Includes keywords and tags for SEO purposes.

This package is great for producing things like:

  • Company showreel
  • Promotion of a service or offering
  • Launch of a new development
  • Introducing your team, services, USPs
  • Area guide


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"Comfy Cruiser" 600 + VAT pcm

If you want to take your video offering to the next level, you can take our 6 month package which will give you a day of filming (plus a day of editing) to provide on-going Your video media account manager Antonio Pacelli will liaise with you in order to make sure the videos produced are in line with your brand materials and that the marketing of videos is organised.  In regards to pre-shoot preparation, our level of involvement is up to you. We have templates and examples of scripts and ideas for videos, which can be used, or you are more than welcome to write content yourself and get it checked over before the shoot day. 

Includes: 1 day of filming and 1 day of editing.  Can include, but not limited to: 

  • Company introduction 
  • Market update
  • Events, promotions, recruitment


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Full Throttle is for those who are serious about their online offering.

In this package, you get another 1.5 minutes (6 in total) to do with as you please in your month of filming, to make sure that you build your status as the local experts in your community. On top of the music and everything else in the ‘Comfy Cruiser’ package, this also comes with:

  • Animated logo sting to start and round off your videos
  • Animated text & transitions between clips
  • Short social media teaser clips to entice clients to your website


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850 + VAT pcm

This is it, when it comes to video marketing, no one else even comes near. It won’t be long before the academy takes notice of your efforts and nominations begin heading your way. This package seals the deal with all of the above features + more:

  • Animated logo sting to start and round off your videos
  • Animated text & transitions between clips
  • Short social media teaser clips to entice clients to your website
  • Demographic boosting on facebook / youtube for a selected video each month
  • Discounted price on our ‘Peachy Keen with Cream’ social media package
  • Subtitling for your videos so they can be viewed on Facebook without sound
  • Another bespoke song to mix up your videos


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The Nitty Gritty

Filming is from 9:00 – 17:00 and will result in the stated amount of time in your package, (For the Comfy Cruiser (4.5 mins package, this could be 3 films @ 1.5 mins length, 6 @ 30 seconds etc). The videos will include a title card with your logo for the front and end plus original music.  After the videos are complete, it will then be uploaded to Youtube, and given keywords for SEO, a title and description, and a custom thumbnail. Alternatively they can be sent as a raw MP4 file.

A maximum of 2 revisions per video applies and any further changes will be subject to further charges.

Billing monthly on a recurring invoice.