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We build and manage beautiful WordPress websites

Our website design process is unique because we build totally bespoke sites that are based on your ideas, your brand, your services and, most importantly, your customers.  Estate agency clients are constantly telling us how unique they are, how they do things totally differently to their competitors, so why would they pick an ‘off the shelf’ web design that will make them look exactly like all of the other agencies in their town?



Your input is so important because you know what your brand is all about, what image you wish to portray to your clients and the results you want from your website.  However, how the site looks is only a tiny part of the website, the majority of the work goes on behind the scenes, and that is why we choose WordPress for our framework.  A system so advanced and incredibly user-friendly, with regular updates available to ensure you do not become ‘old hat’ a year after you launch.

• WordPress is the most use CMS system worldwide

• Content can be input using pre-made templates – meaning tricky coding can be avoided

• Plugins can be used to increase functionality in a wide variety of ways

• WordPress is made with Search Engines in mind making it very SEO friendly

Showcasing a new website

We recently went live with a new website that we built for Northfields Estate Agents in Ealing, and we’re delighted to showcase it here as an example of what a fabulous website should look like.  This site went live with over 80 pages of content, all researched, designed and written by the JP Gardner & Associates team.  We have access to thousands of stock images and can recommend a tremendous photographer for your bespoke images – she travels all over the UK carrying out staff & area photography for our agency clients.

Follow the link to see more:

Find Out More About Our Website Design

Pricing to suit all budgets and a staggered payment plan

A large variety of template choices to make beautiful pages

Video banner options to keep the viewer engaged

WordPress content management system which is easy to use

Dedicated account management

Expert content writing for estate agency clients

Award-winning website design at affordable prices


If you find that your current website is hard to amend, or it is missing features such as a blog platform or landing-page functionality for any ads you are running, then you might find a microsite or bolt-on website the answer.  Find out about our WordPress microsites, blogs and bolt-on websites




The initial concept meeting will allow us to determine your brand values, what is important to you, the disciplines you cover and how we can communicate all of this with your clients in a very unique, simple & effective way.  We start by working on the look & feel of your homepage, to make you stand out from the crowd.  If you have favourite sites that you like, even if they are not in the same industry as you, show us, let’s see if we can replicate the elements you like, whilst still making your site unique.

The sitemap we work from will give you an organisational chart, which, in the best scenario, your customer would follow.  It should lead to a goal, such as a purchase, a sign-up, and enquiry (booking / viewing / valuation etc) and be as simple as possible, whilst keeping the customer’s attention at every stage.  We aim to ensure that your clients ‘score goals’ for you, by providing easy to complete forms & call-to-action buttons, at various stages along the customer journey.

If you are having an estate agency website and would like JP Gardner & Associates to write the content, procure the images, produce the videos – this is the time to decide.  If so, Jane will question you about all of the information required to get the pages written in the style & tone of writing that suits your brand.

The launch day of the website is just the beginning.  Remember that you will need to nurture your site, amend, add, remove content as each day goes by, unless you are in a totally static market, you need to remain flexible and that is why we have a super-easy content management system for you to learn, or we can take care of it for you.


With an estimated three and a half billion internet users, it is imperative that businesses take advantage. Building and maintaining an informative, engaging and easy to use website is the best way to tap into this global market. At JP Gardner, in affiliation with FL1 Digital, we design and build WordPress websites. We are primarily focused on estate agent website design with a variety of unique plugins, offering dynamic ways to grow market share and stay ahead of the competition.


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