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Social Media & Website Truths

For Estate & Letting Agents in the UK

It was fabulous to catch up with Simon Whale of the Kerfuffle Club and bust some myths about using social media if you are a UK property person, estate agent or letting agent, and about how to build or design your estate agency or letting agency website.

Jane & Simon Chat All Things Digital for Estate & Letting Agents

For those busy estate and letting agents who really don’t have the time to sit and watch this interview in full, here are some topic timings to help you whizz through to the sections of interest!

(5:15) Transition from Estate Agency into Digital marketing

(10:22) What sort of website should an Estate Agency have?

(13:50) How niche should your website be?

(16:30) Do estate agents over-rely on the property portals, Rightmove & Zoopla?

(19:03) Do estate agents have to write all of the content for their new website?

(23:15) The importance of writing a blog for your estate agency

(25:24) Should every estate agency use social media?

(26:48) What social media platform should your estate agency use?

(30:10) How important is it to get your clients to share your content on social media?

(33:14) Building your social media following

(35:45) How to get leads from your social media content

(38:03) Who should run your agency’s social media accounts?

(39:58) Outsource social media or run it in-house?

(41:56) Kerfuffle free offer


Problems we solve for agents at JP Gardner & Associates

Most estate agents or letting agents do not want to spend hours on social media, or updating their websites, writing blogs, researching local events and news. They do, however, want to tap into that huge digital audience and harness the amazing business opportunities that online platforms provide. The JP Gardner & Associates team looks after everything under one roof offers completely bespoke content to the correct brand, audience, voice & vision of the client. All of these areas need to work together to be ultra-effective and having one account manager responsible for the entire process from concept to results streamlines the process and gives the best results possible.

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